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Woman Owned Business Directory - Women In Business - Woman Owned Business Directory - Women In Business - Displaying items by tag: Business Women The Woman Owned Market offers small business news, loan and grant information, contracting and marketing information and a women's business directory. Tue, 23 Oct 2018 03:41:10 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Successful Business Women Mimic their Successful Friends

We've heard the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together".  This saying holds true in the business world.  If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.  Successful people have 3 things that that aid in their business success:  resources, connections, and role models.


Successful Business Owners have the Resources you need.
Successful business owners have the resources you need to become successful in your venture.  More than just money to invest in your business, they may have access to other resources such as real estate, office space, and business equipment to start you off on your venture. 

Successful Business Owners Provide you with the connections you need.
Being a successful business woman is not just about your product or service.  Many times a successful business owner has been introduced to the right person at the right time. Do you offer a valuable Business Service?  If you are in the right circles, you will gain business connections that you never would have before.  

Successful Business Owners make the best Business Role Models.
Most importantly, you want to become a successful business woman.  To do this, you need to think like a successful business woman.  You need to act like a successful business woman.  You need to learn from successful business women.  When you Spend time with successful business people, you can watch what they do to become and stay successful.  They will motivate you to become successful and you will learn from them.

Have you surrounded yourself with the successful business owners who will aid in your success?

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5 Tips to Help Women Balance a Career and Family 5 Tips to Help Women Balance a Career and Family

In he 1950's, a woman's main responsibility was to simply take care of home.  It was the woman's job to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  A woman would make sure the house remained cleaned and ran in an organized family.  She would make sure that the children were raised properly. 

The feminist movement in the 1960's helped secure gender inequality for women.  In turn, women went to work.  Women began to have careers outside of work. Most importantly, woman were successful in their careers.

Being a career woman opened up new challenges for the working woman.  Unlike their male counterparts, the career woman's responsibility did not only carry a financial responsibility, the career woman still carried all the burdens of being a home maker.  She still had to be Super-woman.

So the question is how do successful career women handle it all. Below are a couple of tips to help Moms balance work and family

5 Tips to Help Women balance a Career and Family

  1. Find Child Care you can trust - One of the hardest things for any woman is to entrust the care of their family to others, especially strangers.  To make this process easier, consult with your friends and family for references to day-cares, babysitters, nannies, or other child care providers.  Once you have a list of prospective child care providers, schedule time with each child care provider to observe how they interact with your child.  Once you have chosen a provider, remember to periodically make unexpected visits to check up on your child.
  2. Get Organized - Plan ahead.  Prepare everything for the morning the night before.  Set out clothing, pack lunches, and shower the night before.  This helps to make mornings go smoothly.  Schedule family events and outings in advance.  Plan out which parent will prepare dinner and who will pick up the kids in the evenings.
  3. Be disciplined - Create a routine and keep it.  Make a schedule for the family and keep it.  People are used to routines and children adapt to routines easily. 
  4. Be clear of your expectations - Let your family know that they will need to help out with the household cleaning and cooking dinner.  Yes a career woman is Super-woman, but a successful career woman knows how to delegate responsibility.  Make everyone do their part.  In addition, make it clear with your employer if you need to come in and leave at set hours and if you need advance notice if and when you may have to deviate from your schedule.
  5. Schedule some 'Me' Time - It's in a woman's nature to take care of everyone else.  A successful career woman knows that she needs to take tome to recharge and take care of herself.  She knows that she needs energy to be a good spouse, mother, and employee. 

What tips do you have to help moms balance their career and family?

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